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2021 Treasure Hunt

Click on the Treasure Chest to learn more about the Treasure Hunt. Be sure to add your ideas to the Treasure Chest to win a coin!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our Prospect Street Storefront Project on 10/1/21.

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Children engaging adults in conversations about our shared planet

The grief children feel for the world is the measure of how much they love the world. But we can’t let it weigh us down. The answer to despair is work. The answer is to roll-up our sleeves, like the children show us here. Come on, let’s get going! Let’s do the work of regeneration.


A collaborative project of two local nonprofits—From A Child’s Point of View and the Bellingham Youth Media Project—PROJECT WE BEAM was born of a desire to create space for children to engage adults in conversations about our shared planet.

What if, suddenly, the children understood what the animals were saying? And the animals understood the children?

PROJECT WE BEAM presents public art events illustrating conversations between children and adults about our shared planet.

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Project We Beam is produced by

From A Child’s Point of View and Bellingham Youth Media Project 501(c)3.

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