Project Storefront

Keep an eye out for storefronts in Bellingham as they showcase various art depicting the importance of banding together to help end climate change.


Every voice matters, no matter the age or walk of life and that’s what we’re trying to share!


Ideas can be built upon, whether they stem from a child, or someone seasoned with life experience.

Project We Beam is a collaborative project of two local nonprofits—From A Child’s Point of View and the Bellingham Youth Media Project—PWB was born of a desire to create space for children to engage adults in conversations about our shared planet.

PWB presents public art events illustrating conversations between children and adults about our shared planet.

Silas Stuart
Silas Stuart, 4th grade, Columbia Elementary (2018)

Storefront Gallery

13 Prospect Street

Watch the Installation!

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Downtown Bellingham

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