Someone else can just take care of the environment
I’ll never believe
We will be the people to light the way to solving problems
We say
We will be the ones who are lazy and useless
It is not true that
Weed away spray is bad for animals
The earth is our trash can
There is no way
Cows are bad for the environment
I just don’t care about nature
You should never think
Plastic waste is a problem
Someone else will pick up all the trash
We cannot believe that
Some people drink dirty water
Everyone knows
Habitat destruction is nothing
It’s crazy to think
People need plants and animals in the world
Picking up dog poop is gross and stupid
I’m flummoxed by people who think
Composting and recycling are worth the time
I think
Driving will help the environment
There is no way
We are running out of natural resources
We can no longer ignore
That we cannot improve our environment
It is not true
Each of us can have an impact
I have to tell you
To be unkind to our world
It is a waste
To care about trees
I am proud
That we are too little
It’s hard to believe
We will be the ones to inspire people.


Collaborative poem by 4th-grade students
Ashley Welch, Teacher