We Will Be the Ones

We can make a difference
Now we will never doubt
That the impossible is possible
We can change
Environments matter
We will never be known as a failure to our environment
We know we can change our environment for the better
Our actions have an impact
We can do something to help
Don’t rely on other people to help the environment
The earth is not our trash can
Don’t litter in the ocean
We can choose to destroy forests, or we can choose to help forests
Don’t rely on others to clean up the environment
Our existence depends on the environment
We will be the ones that save the world
We work with what we have, to make our world better
We will be the ones to improve the environment for the next generation
Everyone can have a part in changing the world
We can be environmental superheroes.
—4th-grade class, Ashley Welch, Teacher
Columbia Elementary School, 2018