Drama World Documentary

Three 4th-graders, self-described as: The Professional Level Director, the Precision Editor, and the Hot Shot Writer quickly teamed up to write, direct and edit a video about Drama World. They titled it, Caring for Our Planet. They had an hour. They also had an advisor, Lauren McClanahan, director of the Bellingham Youth Media Project, should they want any advice from an adult. They didn’t. Respectfully. They said they had it. And they did.

When they returned to their classroom, their teacher asked if they needed anything. Nope, they replied. “It’s done.” And so, it was. Madeline Galante wrote in a flash, Errol Noet selected the images taken by a host of students throughout the semester, and Sophia Dionne directed the composition of writing and photographs in four chapters: Environmental Detectives, Interviewing the Locals, Magic Words, and Invention Works! Five months of once weekly From a Child’s Point of View sessions are captured in four minutes and eight seconds. “What will you invent to help solve our problems?” Owl and Salmon had asked. To see the story of twenty-five students responding to Owl and Salmon’s plea for help click on the video below.