Lisa Citron

Under the direction of Lisa Citron, From A Child’s Point of View began in 2018. Citron’s past work includes teaching at one of the country’s earliest humanistic,  non-authoritarian schools, Play Mountain Place.  Her work includes founder and executive director of (Out)Laws & Justice: History on Stage, a secondary curriculum integrating American history and educational drama, Los Angeles Unified School District and New York University Partnership Schools, 2000-2017; and producer of two city-wide public participation campaigns: the millennium campaign for the City of Santa Monica, California, 2000; and San Francisco City of Poets, 1993.

Bellingham Youth Media Project

The work of a 4th-grade class will be documented in still photographs and video by Bellingham Youth Media Project. Making visible images of learning and being together in a group is a way to foster group identity and learning. This type of documentation promotes conversation or deepens understanding about one or more aspects of a learning experience. It can serve as a memory of learning in the classroom, allowing children and adults to reflect on, evaluate, and build on their previous work and ideas. Placing the students’ work in public spaces acknowledges children’s voices, encourages informed citizenship for both the children themselves, and the adults who listen to them. Under the direction of Lauren G. McClanahan, Ph.D., currently a professor of Secondary Education at Western Washington University and Luke Holtgeerts, a paraeducator in the Bellingham School District.

Theatre Education and Outreach Program, Western Washington University

Deb Currier, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Theatre Education, Western Washington University. Dr. Currier’s current research in neuroscience and educational theatre brings a focus to the empirical and scientific evidence showing that youth, in general, are becoming more anxious and depressed and that the numbers are growing. Dr. Currier and her WWU students will assist teaching drama to help strengthen the natural emotional resiliency in children in Child’s POV classrooms.